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Provincial own revenue grows substantially over the years

By Maanda Mulaudzi

The total budget for the Province is R52,728 billion in the financial year 2015/16. This is a 4,2 increase from the 2014/15 original budget of R50,954 billion. Mr. Kgolane Alfred Phala, MEC for Provincial Treasury said while tabling Limpopo Province Budget 2015/16 to the Legislature, Lebowakgomo on 10 March 2015.


The Department of Education receives the biggest portion of the entire budget, a whopping 48 per cent. It receives an amount of R25, 285 billion of which R1, 522 billion goes to Administration, R2, 928 billion is for Public Ordinary Schools Education, R118,5 million is for Independent Schools Subsidies, R404,6 million goes to Public Special School Education, R164,8 million for Early Childhood Development, R805 million for Infrastructure Development and R341,6 million for Examination and Education related Services. These allocations included conditional grants such as Primary School Nutritional Programme, Education, Infrastructure grants, Maths, Science and Technology grant and EPWP Incentive.

The Department of Health gets the second biggest part of the Provincial budget after the Department of Education. This Department receives R14,754 billion of which R265,6 million goes to Administration, R9,461 billion goes to District Health Services, R586,6 million goes to Emergency Medical Services, R2,094 billion is for Provincial Hospital Services,R1,356 billion for Central Hospital Services, Health Sciences and Training gets R568,5million, Health Care Support Services and Health Facilities Management receives R97,8 million and R324,6 million respectively. This allocation also focuses on the provision of quality health care through supply of medicines and medical equipment supplies, continuous stabilization of security, fleet management and emergency services, as well as an additional allocation for the Cuban Doctors Programme and Limpopo Medical School.

Department of Agriculture receives R1, 697 billion of which R322,3 million is for Administration, R93,1 million to facilitate agriculture infrastructure development and maintenance, R1, 049 million  goes towards Farmer Support and Development, R47,2 million to provide for Veterinary Services, R57,6 million is for Technology Research and Development Services, R24, 6 million for Agricultural Economics, R97,3 million for Structured Agricultural Training and R6,1 million for Rural Development Coordination.

The Provincial Treasury receives R385,2 million, of which R160,2 million is for Administration, R62,3 million is for Sustainable Resource to Management provide for professional advice and support to local government, economic analysis, fiscal policy, public finance management, R79,4 is for Assets and Liability Management to monitor and support government assets, liabilities and supply chain management in provincial departments and municipalities and R83,2 million goes towards Financial Governance. These allocations will also cater for such priorities as capacitation of the Municipal Finance Management Unit, continuous implementation of LOGIS system and the recruitment of financial skilled personnel in CFO offices.

To execute its significant function, Office of the Premier receives R352,2 million of which R132,6 million is for Administration, R136,4 million goes to Institutional Development for improving service delivery, whilst R83,2 million goes to Policy and Governance. To carry out its Constitutional obligations, the Provincial Legislature receives R262,7 million of which R85,1 million is for Administration, R63,3 million is for Facilities for Members and Political Parties and R114,3 million for Parliamentary Services.

Department of Transport receives R1,839 billion of which R495,7 million goes to Administration, R823,3 million for Transport Operations and R519,9 million for Transport Regulations. Allocation includes transfer to the Public entity Gateway Airport Authority Limpopo (GAAL). Public Works receives R2,750 billion of which R301,7 million if for Administration, R647,6 million goes to Infrastructure Operations, R38,1 million is for community based programme and R1,762 billion goes towards improving roads infrastructure in the Province.

The Department of Safety, Security and Liaison receives R90,3 million of which R44,4 million goes to Administration, R28,3 million is for Civil Oversight to oversee the effectiveness and efficiency of visible policing, and R17,7 million goes towards Crime Prevention and Community  Police Relations through the developments and implementation of integrated social crime prevention interventions for safer communities.

Co-operative Governance, Human Settlement and Traditional Affairs (COGHSTA) receives R2,269 billion, of which R286,7 million is for Administration, R1,385 billion is for Human Settlements, R248,7 million is for Cooperative Governance and R349,2 million for Traditional Institutional Development. Social Development receives R1, 538 billion composed of R295,7 million for Administration, R223,1 million is for Social Welfare Service, R654 million for Children and Families, R207 million is for Restorative Services and R158 million for Development and research. Sport, Arts and Culture receives R345,3 million of which R104 million is for Administration, R33,7 million is for Cultural Affairs, R127,3 million is for Library and Information Services and R80,4 million is for Sport and recreation.