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Batho Pele Principles

People should be serviced with the necessary respect - Premier Mathabatha

By Maanda Mulaudzi

Batho Pele are about ensuring that our people are consulted on everything that affects their wellbeing and that they are serviced with the necessary respect and courtesy that they deserve. Premier Chupu Mathabatha said this on the occasion of the Provincial Batho Day Celebrations held at Epraim Mogale Stadium in Waterberg District Municipality on 21 November 2015.


He reminded public servants  to leave the baggage of their personal problems at home  so that they are able to give a welcoming smile to members of the public when serving them.

“Batho Pele is also about ensuring that recipients of public services get quality value for their money. This means that every cent must be used for an intended purpose. Every single cent from the budget must be used for a budgeted purpose. Monies for houses must go to the building of quality houses, the same is with the money for roads, schools, clinics, so forth-and–so on. We never budgeted for kickbacks or tjotjo, and therefore no single cent should be paid as tjotjo or kick-backs.

“It is therefore important that these principles are not only known to public servants alone, all of us must acquaint ourselves with Batho Pele Principles. Whenever the phrase Bath Pele is mentioned people think about interviews. The principles remain far much important beyond just cramming them for an interview session”.

“A member of the public who does not know these principles is more likely to be short-changed without even knowing that she is not getting the best deal she can get. Knowing these principles will ensure that you are not short- changed by public officials when they render services to you. As members of the public, it is your duty to know what you are entitled to receive from the public service”.

“As part of taking services to the people, our government is running a very effective public participation programme in a form of Exco Imbizo. We urge you members of the communities to take full advantage of platforms such as Imbizos. Communities are ensured that their voices are heard” he said.