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Premier urges farmers to consider culling their stock

By Maanda Mulaudzi

The outlook in a rural province like Limpopo is not good. We produce more than 78%of citrus fruits and we are the biggest producers of tomatoes in the country. Now, if all these products are as low in production because of drought, in the economics of supply and demands it means prices will go up. When they go up they affect everything and it means more poverty for our people.


We may also experience laying away of workers in the farming industry”. Premier Chupu Mathabatha sad this during the EXCO Budget Lekgotla was was held at The Ranch Hotel on 25 November 2015

He also encourages those in farming to consider culling their stock and that  If a farmer has 100 cows, He/she  should consider letting go of 50 so that he/she could be able to feed the reminder

Speaking about municipalities in our  province, Premier Mathabatha said that there were quite a number of issues that the Auditor General raised with him and municipalities with regard to lack of leadership, lack of accountability, Disregarding  of basic rules and sometimes just plain ignorance.

He said that in most of these issues, it was found that in most  municipalities there were a scary vacancy rate especially of CFOs and accounting officers. “The basic rule was that if you are the Manager or leader of an organisation and you do not have somebody to look after your monies, you do it yourself, and will definitely do it wrongly, and that is what is happening”.

The Premier further told municipalities that the Minister of Finance has announced several measures of belt tightening through the spectrum and that the  measures have been applied before and it worked. He urged municipalities to continue to do with the little they have until the situation improves.  Municipalities were told  to continue providing basic services like water, roads and sanitation to the people of Limpopo and that the water restrictions measure will continue until find permanent solution is found

In his closing remarks, MEC Jerry Ndou said that one of the issues people keep on asking the government was why most departments and municipalities  always return unspent millions of rands back to the Treasury every year. The obvious thing is that if municipalities fail to plan, then they are planning to fail, and therefore would never spend  what they have not planned for.

“One of the things that makes the government spends sleepless nights is the fact that our municipalities are owed not less than R400 million in unpaid rates and services. The shocking thing is that the owing goes as deep as some government departments owing substantially. And at the end of the day we expect these municipalities to perform miracles”. He said