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Provincial Treasury announces Provincial Budget of R56,9 billion for 2016/17

By Maanda Mulaudzi

The MEC for Provincial Treasury, Rob Tooley announced a provincial  budget amounting to R56,9 billion for the 2016/17 financial year. The announcement was made at Lebowakgomo Legislature  on Tuesday, 8 March 2016.


The total allocation for the Office of the Premier is R376.3 million for 2016/17, the allocation includes funding for the Provincial Evaluation Plan, Provincial Policy on Spatial Planning and Land Use Management (SPLUMA) and the Limpopo Integrated Infrastructure Plan. These plans will assist the provincial government in monitoring and evaluation of the departments and also enhance delivery on provincial infrastructure.

The Legislature is allocated a budget of R316.2milion in 2016/17, the allocation includes funds for  the Implementation of Financial Management for Parliament and Provincial Legislature Act (FMPPLA) and the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)system.

The total allocation for the Department of Education is R27.2 billion in 2016/17. The Department allocation includes funds made available to stabilize the records management and ICT systems, Examination Security as well as provision for schools infrastructure projects. An additional amount of R100.0 million is made available from the provincial reserves to address the schools damaged by the storms.

The total allocation for the Department of Agriculture is R1.8 billion for 2016/17. The main aim of the allocation is to improve agricultural support provided to producers though the Fetsa-Tlala programmes, development of agro-processing and value adding enterprises (agri-parks), revitalization of irrigation schemes, and provision for drought relief programmes in Limpopo.

An amount of R412.6 million is allocated to the Department of the Provincial Treasury. The allocation will enable the Provincial Treasury to improve in its ability to support Provincial Departments, Public Entities, Municipalities and further support the implementation and monitoring of infrastructure programmes through the National Treasury Government Technical A advisory Centre(GTAC)project.

The Department of Economic Development , Environmental Affairs and Tourism is allocated an amount of R1.3 billion in 2016/17. The allocation will focus on programmes that include development of the manufacturing support centres, resuscitation provincial resorts, creating sustainable jobs, support to Cooperatives and SMMEs, promotion of tourism and marketing of the Limpopo Province by Limpopo Tourism AGENCY (LTA) and the compliance and monitoring of casinos by Limpopo Gambling Board (LGB) as well as promotion of investment in the province through the Limpopo Economic Development Agency (LEDA)

The Department of Health has been allocated a budget of R16.4 billion. The department’s allocation includes funding to improve conditions at health institutions through the provision of medicine and medical supplies, maintenance and repair of essential equipments, provision for bursaries to health practitioners and new incumbent into the health profession through the Cuban Doctor and Limpopo Medical School programmes, improvement of IT infrastructure as well as the provision of new as well maintenance and rehabilitation of Health infrastructure projects.

The Department of Transport is allocated R1.9 billion in 2016/17. The allocation will mainly be used for the provision of transport infrastructure, other than roads, and public transport operations in the province. The department is further allocated additional funding for the procurement of the bus monitoring system.

The Department of Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure has been allocated an amount of R2.9 billion. The allocation will mainly be used for repairs and maintenance of government buildings, provincial infrastructure, planning, provision and maintenance of roads infrastructure. Included in the departmental allocation is funds made available to the Road Agency Limpopo( RAL) to the value of R737.3 million in the 2016/17.

The overall budget of the department of Safety, Security and Liaison amounts to R95.6 million. An additional amount of R3.9 million , included in the allocation is made available for the payment of stipends to safety volunteers. The department allocation will focus on ensuring continuous monitoring of the police services and creating of safety awareness in the province.

The allocation of the department of Cooperatives Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs is R2.3 billion. The allocation focuses on the delivery of houses through the Integrated Housing and Human Settlements Programme including the mining towns within the province, demarcation of sites for human settlements, improvement of support to Municipalities and stabilization of traditional leaders ‘allowances and benefits.

The Department of Social Development has been allocated R1.6 billion. Included in the allocation is additional funding of R13. 8 million that has been made available to the department to fund Non Profit Organizations (NPO).

An amount of R409.7 million is allocated to the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture. The department allocation will focus on resuscitating the provincial museums and heritage sites, provincial archive centre and arts and culture projects. Other programmes include construction and maintenance of libraries, purchase of library material as well as facilitating different sporting codes.