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We are one people and nothing should divide us - Premier Mathabatha

By Maanda Mulaudzi

No one in this province should ever be made to feel small or inadequate simply because he speaks a different language or because he comes from a particular region. We are one people and nothing should divide us”. Premier Chupu Mathabatha said this on the occasion of the National Human Day Celebrations held at Mutale, Vhembe District on 21 March 2016.


Democratic government declared March 21 Human Rights Day to commemorate and honour those who fought for our liberation and the rights we enjoy today. South Africa commemorate Human Rights Day to reinforce commitment to the human rights as enshrined in our Constitution.

The Premier said that as a country they condemned all forms of racism and discrimination and that they also condemned tribalism, regionalism and ethnicity. He said that the message from the government was that we are one people, and we should embrace each other in the spirit of common brotherhood. “We must always remember that in the exercise of our rights we must respect the rights of others. We must not burn schools when we want houses. We must not burn clinics and other government buildings when we want roads. By doing this we interfere and violate the human rights of others to receive services from the government”. He warned.

Mathabatha told thousands of people who where gathered at Phalama Sports Ground that South Africa was celebrating Human Rights Day to commemorate and to remind ourselves about the sacrifices that accompanied the struggle for the attainment of our democracy and freedm.The country is also using this day to remember and honour the memories of men and women who where senselessly massacred by apartheid police hit squads as well as the pain of those who lost their loved ones in places such as Sharpsville, Langa, and many other Black townships around the country in 1960. “History tells us that on that day, apartheid police shot and killed 69 of the protesters. Majority of these innocent people were shot from the back while fleeing.” He said.