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Limpopo a fusion of Africa’s diverse cultural heritage

By Ntsakisi Hlungwani

The province celebrated Africa Day on the 25th May 2016 at Callies Sports ground, Ga-Seleka under Lephalale Municipality, Waterberg District. The MEC of Treasury, Rob Tooley addressed the community on behalf of the Premier of Limpopo Chupu Stanley Mathabatha.


He opened his speech by reminding people about the African Union Anthem. “The African Union Anthem calls on all of us to unite and celebrate together” said the MEC Rob Tooley. “It is our responsibility as South Africans to change the way in which the world views Africa. We can do this by supporting all interventions to develop Africa and involve ourselves. Basically, the anthem says to us that everything for Africa and nothing against Africa” he added further.

Africa Day is celebrated in remembrance of the African Unity Organisation formed 53 years ago. It is also a tribute to African leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah, Haile Selassie, Julius Nyerere and Kenneth Kaunda who played a vital role in ending colonisation. Africa Day promotes unity among African States.

The MEC concluded by saying that Africa should go back to its roots. The land in which Africans will be free from ethnic conflict and tribal wars, haunting diseases and starvation. It should have eradicated illiteracy amongst its children. “The time for Africa’s riches to serve its children is now” he said.

The event was attended by Zimbabwe to South Africa Ambassador Isaac Moyo, United Nations head of High Commission for Refugees in Musina Khalid Osman Mahgoub and Embassy of Namibia political counsellor Nicklaas Khanjii.