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LEDET Introduces New Business Registration Act

By Mboni Mushiana

Since the attainment of our democracy in 1994, the Business Registration function was executed by the Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism because there was no provincial legislative framework to administer this function other than fragmented legislations of the former homeland territorial governments.


The Limpopo Business Registration Act was enacted to repeal all Business Trading Undertakings Act(s) in the Province and to amalgamate existing Business Trading Undertakings legislations in the province.

On Thursday 21 July 2016 LEDET will officially introduce a new act, the Limpopo Business Registration Act, (LIBRA). Through this act municipalities will be able to register businesses according to their legal mandate as stipulated in the constitution. LEDET as the custodian of the act, has a responsibility towards the provincial implementation by all 25 municipalities.

The Lephalale Municipality as the first municipality to start implementing the act, will have the honour of launching the new Limpopo Business Registration Act, the rest of the municipalities will be implementing LIBRA soon. The essence of LIBRA is to develop a database of businesses in the province for strategic economic development initiatives and policy planning between the department and all role-players in the province.

The department will assign the function to the respective municipalities after receiving written confirmation that the function can be implemented in the municipality. These municipalities will then be authorized by the MEC of LEDET and appointed as business registration centres. The role of LEDET will then be to monitor, provide support and centralize information received from the 25 Municipalities regarding the provincial business environment for purposes of overall economic planning, development and policy.

All revenue accrued from these licenses will accrue to the municipality where the license is issued, as soon as they take over the function. Currently LEDET is implementing the function and will collect all revenue accrued to LEDET, until the municipalities take over and are assigned as Business Registration Centres. The revenue fees are included in the Regulations of LIBRA. The revenue fees will be adjusted annually by LEDET in consultation with all municipalities and other role players.