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Donor Breakfast Session

By Harley Ngobeni

The Limpopo Department of Education held its donor breakfast session on the 25th of August at Park Inn hotel, Sandton, Gauteng. The breakfast session was attended by members of the Limpopo Education Development Trust from various institutions such as Business and senior officials from the Limpopo department of Education.

The Acting head of Department Ms Beauty Mutheiwana made a presentation on behalf of the Limpopo Department of Education.  “Our challenges are massive and it is crystal clear that government alone, with its competing programmes, will not be able to satisfy these education needs all at once. We value this engagement with the business partners and stand ready to foster closer cooperation with all business partners through continued dialogue, mutual understanding and respect and through a committed partnership whose hallmarks aims at improving access and quality education”, Mutheiwana emphasised.

The Trustee from the Transnet Foundation Ms Theresa Moila made a presentation on behalf of the Limpopo Province Education Development Trust (LPEDT). She indicated that the trust is a legal entity that has been in existence since 1996 and it was founded by the Department of Education, Transnet and Gencor with the aim of supporting the Limpopo Department of Education in both infrastructure and leadership programme. “Since its inception, the Trust has delivered many projects which were supported per agreements between donors and the department to the sum of about R120 million” said Ms Moila.   She challenged each of the companies that attended the breakfast session to find their role and play it to the best of their ability. “Let us ensure that all South African children are recipients of a meaningful education and we also take the lead in improving the quality of basic education in the province and the rest of the country.” continued Ms Moila.

The MEC for Education Mr M.I. Kgetjepe thanked everyone for having responded to the department call for interaction. “Let me point out from the outset that the delivery of education is our mandate. It is everything to us. It is a course we are prepared to pioneer and fulfil successfully despite the many challenges bedevilling the sector. We do not hide our challenges. We remain committed to the eradication of all inappropriate school infrastructures; the provision of school furniture and basic services such as water and sanitation. We have backlogs in these areas and we made it very clear when delivering our policy statement; so that partners and good Samaritans like you, who have interest in education, can come on board and contribute”, said Kgetjepe.

The MEC made a special call and appeal to all the business partners to focus on improving access specifically for vulnerable children. He said that the call the department is making to the business partners echoes the Premier of the Limpopo province’s appeal to the private sector that he made during the announcement of the Grade 12 results when he said “I wish to see a more visible hand of the corporate community in the education of our children. we want business to partner with us to build schools”.

MEC concluded by thanking all business partners for the donations that they have made in the form of blocks of classrooms, computer and science laboratories, libraries, sanitation facilities and other amenities that gives education hope to thousands of children in the province. There is a plan for continuous interaction between the trust and the department with the view of focussing on smooth partnership and development of education.

Currently, there are donations of different material and cash to assist education development in protest affected schools in Vuwani area. A total of 29 schools were affected during the community protest in the area. Learning and teaching resumed this month after two month of no schooling.