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Farewell former DG Dr Manzini

By: Jimmy Malebati

Family, friends, colleagues and government representatives converged to bid farewell to former Director-General of the Limpopo Provincial Administration, Dr Hlamalani Nelly Manzini. The event was held in the evening of the 22 October 2016, at Karibu Resort outside Tzaneen, Mopani District.


It was a colorful night of glamour and celebrations of her retirement coupled with fundraising for a church to be built at Dr Manzini's home village Nwamitwa.

Dr Manzini is a professional nurse and moved up the ranks in the public service.  She was appointed as the Director-General from the year 2005 until 2010. Prior her appointment as DG she served as Head of Department of the then Department of Health and Welfare. After her departure as DG of the Province, she joined Independent Development Trust (IDT) as Regional General Manager based in Mbombela, Mpumalanga Province.

"Her hard work was rewarded as she took the department of Health and Welfare out of disclaimer audit opinion to unqualified. Her commitments to public service did not prevent her to study further, she got a PhD", said Health MEC Dr Phophi Ramathuba who was speaking on behalf of Premier Mathabatha.

"We are here to say thank you for your service. She left the public service on a clean slate hence that's why as government we are here. As government we pride ourselves for the initiative of construction of a church, because it assist in alienating social illness such as teenage pregnancy, drug abuse and many others", said MEC Ramathuba. 

Dr Mukansi-Minis described Dr Nelly Manzini as a very honest person, a bulldozer who is not afraid to get her hands dirty in doing any work. Her daughter, Dr Deliwe Manzini paid tribute on behalf of her children and family. She commended her mother for the sacrifices she made for her family and relatives to achieving the best in education. "Am not afraid because I have learnt from the best. I know we are here today to celebrate your retirement. It's not the time to retire but to re-fire", she added.

EPCSA Moderator Right Reverend Nyambi said that EPCSA is proud to have her as one of the members of his church. Rev Nyambi described her as a combination of religion and education. “That's why she is a dynamite”, he added. EPCSA church has since arrived in Mwamitwa village dating back in the year 1911. It has celebrated a century in the year 2011.

In response, Dr Manzini has thanked government for exposing her to various aspect which made it possible for her to work effectively. She also thanked the family, colleagues, Hosi Mwamitwa II and the church EPCSA support throughout her career. An amount of R179 800 was raised towards the construction of a double storey church building.