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LIM345 Mayor tackles the brutalism against humanity

By: Maano Nekhavhambe

LIM345 Local Municipality Executive Mayor Cllr Joyce Bila together with the South African Police Services (SAPS) led a peaceful march against the recent killings of women and children in South Africa.


The march commenced at the Malamulele Boxing Gym and headed to the Malamulele Magistrate Court on Thursday, 29 June 2017.

Women and child abuse has been and still is a big problem in South Africa as thousands of women and children fall victims almost every day. The excessive levels of this predicament have kept many organisations questioning the future of South Africa.

It has been saddening to witness our society become a cave of monsters and hooligans as the country have mourned countless’ deaths of women and children on day to day base. This includes young women being abused, abducted, and killed and some being burned like wild animals much to the concern of Cllr Bila and the entire Vhembe region.

Over 300 residents of Malamulele including the traditional leaders, pastors, youths, various government departments, and people living with disabilities as well as the Women’s Forum were part of an hour long march, which started from 9 am and ended at 10am.

The masses utilised the DCO road on one traffic lane being escorted by the local traffic officials to ensure a peaceful protest of the brutalism against humanity.

Upon their arrival at the Magistrate Court, Cllr Bila read a memorandum of concern, on behalf of the communities, to the current Scourge of Brutalism against humanity – particularly women and children; human trafficking and sorcerous killings of the innocent people of South Africa.

All these brutality left the Executive Mayor distraught and she has expressed that LIM345 Local Municipality and its collective residents will not tolerate any pitiless and demonic occurrence by stating that enough is enough.

“Our streets at night have become hunting grounds for violators of law and rapists. It is no longer safe for young people to walk around due to this hooliganism that now exists.” Bila laments

“People cannot even take taxis to hospitals at nights due to the shameful evil in our communities. We refuse to be spectators while inhumane behaviours continue to rapidly loom in our backyards.”

However, the solutions submitted before the magistrate court was that all perpetrators found guilty of gender-based violence, child sodomising, human trafficking, or any offense that seeks to undermine democratic values must be charged accordingly.

The Municipality also proposed a no early release and/or bail for the offenders who would be implicated in such cases because there is a potential for harm on both the offenders by residents and residents by non-rehabilitated offenders.

Cllr Billa and the entire LIM345 residents concluded the march by requesting the law enforcements to give a response to their requests by the end of July.