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Data driven dashboard education makes easier

By Harley Ngobeni

The Data Driven Districts Dashboard is an approachable, highly intuitive dashboard that displays appropriate education related information to education officials at all levels in the South African schooling system.


The Limpopo Provincial officials conducted Dashboard workshops to all principals in the province. Ms Sikhwari Tshila Mavis, a Principal of Maebani Primary School in the Vhembe district was amongst the first educators to attend the workshop on Data Driven District early this year.

Ms Sikhwari is now a proud DDD Dashboard Super User and values the convenience of having her school’s information at a touch of a button. “At first I was scared to attend the workshop on DDD Dashboard but with help of my school Administrator things started to work out well for me and my school. After training I spoke with members of the aSchool Governing Body (SGB) about the WIFI connection and they agreed. We are now connected through Letaba wireless connection”, said Ms Sikhwari.

According to Mr Victor Huni who is the champion of the DDD Dashboard in the Limpopo province, the education sector can no longer afford to make decisions without data, and forward thinking leaders in education adopted this approach. Effective data usage enables more accurate warning systems, improved learner outcomes and a better microscope on what is working in education. To effectively create a culture that embraces data it is imperative to foster trust in systems that store and analyse data; be clear about what the data is used for; use and share the data regularly; and take part in professional development to learn and maintain the right data use skills. It is essential for all stakeholders working in education to help create an environment that continuously learns and adapts to learner needs to improve learner outcomes through effective use of data.