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The introduction of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System (PME)

By: Maano Nekhavhambe

The Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System (PME) is a transversal/provincial system which caters for all the 12 Provincial Government departments. The project started in March 2017 and is set for completion at the end of November 2017 when the system will be launched and implemented.

The Office of the Premier in Limpopo is the custodian of the system and service providers appointed to guide and tackle teething problems in the system are CHM Vuwani and The Project Group.


PME permits the highly regulated clusters to be monitored based on regulations as prescribed by their Provincial and National departments. Monitoring and Evaluation Practitioners will be able to customise performance criteria as and when required.

The system will also assist in designing and developing the Monitoring and Evaluation Templates in order to build them into the electronic system.

Over and above that it enables the Office to upload quarterly progress reports from Provincial departments and other stakeholders while also uploading the strategic objectives based on Annual Performance Plans, Limpopo Developemnt Plan, IP, PP, and OP for each financial year using SharePoint and MSP.

The naming competion for the PME system now currently on will close on the 14 November 2017