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Batho Pele Principles

Information dissemination, training and empowerment through the Breaking Barrier to Entry (BB2E) programme

By: Emmaculate Cindi

National School of Governance (NSG) in partnership with various stakeholders joined hands in training youth from Waterberg District Municipality. This comes after several youth empowerment issues were raised in June 2017 during Imbizos with Minister Faith Muthambi and Deputy Minister of Public Service and Administration Letsatsi Duba.

The Breaking Barriers to Entry (BB2E) programmes is designed to prepare graduates to access employment opportunities in both private and public sectors. Hundred learners were selected after they had submitted their CVs to the Waterberg District municipality seeking employment. The four-day programme was used to educate participants about the structures of government, roles and responsibilities of government in all three spheres ranging from National, Provincial and Local.


Victoria Makwane dropped out of school when she was doing grade 11 and now she is determined to go back to college to complete her grade 12 after attending the BB2E training programme. “I have learned so much about processes of government including how parliament operates. I could not understand why I was never called for an interview after submitting countless Z83 employment application forms. Through this training, I realized that I was not completing the application form the right way” said Victoria. Upon her grade 12 completion, she intends to enroll with University of South Africa (UNISA) to pursue her studies in Human Resource Management because of the knowledge she acquired through BB2E training programme.

During his address, Deputy Director General (DDG) of NSG, Dr. Sipho Manana told participants that the knowledge they have acquired during the training is also applicable to private sector and that they must value it. “When you join the corporate world, you must always remember that teamwork is essential across racial and gender lines; you must always be willing to learn continuously your entire tenure of employment”. Said Dr Manana

The BB2E training programme has given hope to Gadibolelwe Maledi who matriculated in 1998, unemployed and falls out of the youth circle age limit. “They have taught us about the youth age restriction but what gave me hope is that it applies only to learnership programmes but not employment, which means I still have an opportunity to get employed.” Gadibolelwe made an observation that if the government were to invest more on projects that enable communities to acquire skills, which will reduce the rate of unemployment, as most people will be employable and less dependent on social grants. “After what I was taught about cabinet and the three spheres of government I can’t wait to watch the State of The Nation Address (SONA) tonight so that I can relate. I always thought that these things were only meant for politicians but after this training I know that it is for all South Africans.

Dr. Manana encouraged participants to keep abreast of technological advancements and make use of social media network and platforms as a source of information. He reminded them that they must be innovative as what they study at higher institution or secondary might not be as relevant by the time they join the workforce. He also emphasized that when they get employment they must always ensure that they align their work ethic with the eight Batho Pele Principles to serve people of South Africa with pride.

“I encourage you to come up with a business model to document indigenous cultures of your province. You are the only ones that can tell a story of your different unique cultures, look beyond being employed and be creative, we gave you the knowledge, go and break these barriers because you are the future.” concluded Dr. Manana

The 100 participants were awarded with certificates of completion by National School of Governance and were presented by DDG Manana, Acting Executive Mayor of Waterberg Cllr Hlungwane amongst others.