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The department launches Electronic Documents and Record Management System (EDRMS)

By: Evans Phaleng and Manoko Chokoe

The Limpopo Department of Education launched an Electronic Documents and Records Management System (EDRMS) in Bolivia Lodge, Polokwane. This new system which will track and store records electronically, will be used to manage the creation and maintenance of records within classification schemes.


It aims to address past challenges faced by the department such as non-availability of records, insufficient information, delayed and refusal to provide records as required and to ensure that the information stored in the system is accurate, hence should avoid the errors of parallax.

Speaking at the launch, Head of the Department Beauty Mutheiwana stated that the department needed the system so that business of the department is conducted in an orderly, efficient and accountable manner. “Such matters which gave difficulty to the Auditor General who has to audit the work the department does must be a thing of the past.” She added that the systems will go a long way in improving our processes as well as improving the attitudes of the employees on the importance of records management systems.

“We are delighted that records will be created, maintained and preserved in such a way that a department like ours can be held fully accountable for its service delivery activities to the public. We must be mindful here that accountability relies heavily on a system of connecting links, for those who must scrutinize decisions and deeds of decision makers” said Mutheiwana.

She emphasized that comprehensive understanding of record keeping is an invaluable part of creating a culture of accountability in transparency.