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Limpopo overcomes

By: Andzani Hlongwane

On the 25th of July 2019 the Regional State of Limpopo hosted an Economic Development Workshop that was held at the Ranch Hotel in the City of Polokwane in the Greater Capricorn District Region.


The event saw the Economic Development, Environment and Tourism MEC Mr. Thabo Mokone and Director-General in the Office of the Premier Mr. Nape Nchabeleng, representatives from various developments, research, academic institutions and members of the media amongst others in attendance. Premier Stanley Chupu Mathabatha addressed them on the continued struggles, plans, achievements and commitments that the Province is undertaking.

Mathabatha thanked all the guests that had honoured the invitation lobbing for their partnership, commending them for their unwaving support and that through the forging of development objectives that the Regional State is the building on of these very important established relationships.

The great effort to develop and advance the economy, create jobs, fight unemployment and poverty is an alto Continua that needs the Province’s intellectual cooperative collective resources against the inherited painstaking challenge of the legacy of people being out of work, church mouse poverty and wide spread inequality he said.

Your understanding of accepting this invitation to participate in this workshop through this meeting has tasked it’s engagement to meet the aspirate expectations of the people and It is no kept secret that the economy of the Country and Province are not performing according to the desired expectations of the State and so are down troding the marginalised suffering masses he said.

The Economy is not creating jobs but instead it is peeling off work resulting in increased levels of unemployment and poverty drawing the people’s gaze to be lifted up to the State for resilient results from the pressing matters that they are met with and we cannot afford to not realise their hopes he said.

The victory of the South African revolution is largely dependent on the Province’s ability to deal with the socio-economic upheavals facing our people and so our Liberation will be meaningless to the masses if they are met with stalemate conditions of filth, poverty stickiness and lack of work he said.

During the State of the Province address a few weeks ago, I said we must be deliberate and commit a concerted effort to wipe out the demoralising state of abject lack from our masses by certifying that sustained economic growth is enabled by Regional Government to defeat the persisting bequest of disparity, lack and idleness thus further introducing new and innovative measures to rekindle the flame of the fire of the Provincial economy , in the past five years a solid foundation has been laid in placing Limpopo to a higher developmental path he said.

The only challenge is building on this basis, It would be of known that the Flagship undertaking of our SEZ initiative is on course as outlined in my SOPA pronouncement , the Musina –Makhado SEZ project has attracted over 150 million of commitmented investment and is in the process of being implemented and our collective obstacle is to ensure that we design measures to assure important value for money to be produced within the Province which will go in a long way of making certain that much needed jobs are created and other sources of economic incentives are warranted for the people he said.

The Regional State has pronounced that the application for the Tubastse Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is at an advanced stage and this proposal will be placed with the Minister of the Department of Trade and Industry Mr E. Patel (DTI) by the end of August this year he said.

Limpopo’s economy is largely dependent on mining contributing 25% to the Regional State’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and will continue to play a central role, beneficiation of these precious mineral resources is the painstaking challenge through exporting them from our soil to other Provinces and countries aboard he said.

The situation has to be appended if the Province is to get the most out of the much needed returns from mining activities taking place on our soil, another stumbling block we find ourselves is to find ways of sustaining opportunities beyond the lifespan of a mine for the masses that used to work there but we can find meaningful measures through the Agricultural Sector which remains a competitive economic advantage to do our at most to leverage on it’s potential putting the Province on a higher course of economic growth and development he said.

The Tourism sector carries huge unlimited surpassing possibilities and through monitored support we can unlock its vast untapped economic jump starter generating much needed jobs he said.