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Mapungubwe Arts Festival

By: Andzani Hlongwane

On the 21st of October 2019 the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture and Limpopo Tourism Agency held a joint press briefing at the Mabungubwe Heritage Site that would foretell about the much anticipated Mapungubwe Arts Festival.


The Festival will unfold into the Mapungubwe art carnival where different attire and bead work will be on display show casing our cultural Diversity, this will culminate with different cultural groups that will be parading with different cultural gear as they parade from the SABC to Jack Botes Hall in Polokwane on the 12th of December 2019.

In the evening of the same day there will be the Mapungubwe Craft Market that will take place at Jack Botes Hall in Polokwane where craftsmen and women will come and showcase their craftsmanship. The Mapungubwe Beauty Pageant and Fashion Show will also be hosted in the same night.

This will usher a Queen who will be crowned Miss Mapunguwe for the coming year and the identification of Fashion Designers that must be supported financially by the Limpopo Provincial Department of Sport, Arts and Culture working with the National Department of Sport, Arts and Culture so that they can display their talent that will even go beyond the borders of South Africa.

There will also be the Mapungubwe craft market that will take place at Jack Botes. And last but not least on the 13th -14th of December 2019 there will be the Mapunguwe Give us night and Comedy that will be hosted for those who feel they are dives in their own right and those that believe they have a tickle bone gift of making people laugh.

The MEC of the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture Mme Thandi Moraka told various media houses of the significance of the site saying,” for 1000 years Mapungubwe was the centre of the single largest known Kingdom in the African Continent.”

“Mapungubwe Heritage Site is a very significant place for us as a Department because of its history that is so rich that talk to the origin of the people of this Province, South Africa and Africa has a whole, “she said.

Moraka said, “we need to preserve whatever we have in the form of our Heritage from the soaring temperatures that we experience from time to time here at Mapungubwe that is a commodity that the Department can use to attract Tourism in this Province.”

“It is something that is unique that you cannot find anywhere else in the country of South Africa”, she said “Music is one of the biggest industries within the boarder creative industry that continues to contribute to the Gross Domestic Product, the economic growth of Limpopo and that of our country,” she said. She reiterated the importance of appreciating the music industry as a main contributor of jobs and sustainable economic growth of our people.

She went on to say,” that it is an important contributor towards processes of Nation building and Social Cohesion given the past that we come from as a country and being African we sing weather we are sad or happy.” She said,” We must never underestimate the role of music in our day to day activities of our daily lives.

She further said, “We need to create a platform through that Special Economic Zone (SEZ) where we can embark on intensive cultural exchange programmes within these neighbouring countries that we are sharing borders with which are Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland and all the SADC countries because this is a way that will be able to make that particular project and make it to grow to our own advantage as the Province of Limpopo.”

She encouraged people to come and enjoy the Maungubwe Arts and Cultural Festival that will see Artist’s like the likes of Selina Johnson from the (USA), the Ndolvu Youth Choir, Lady Zamar,Mafikizolo,Makhazi,Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Little Mary,Dr. Thomas Chauke and many more artists. She encouraged people to buy tickets which are R150, 00 for general access. VIP tickets will be sold at R1500, 00 each.

Phoebe Kgomoesoana a 23 year young lady from Lebowakgomo from Zone F will be participating in the Mapungubwe Beauty Pageant said, “I feel very overwellhemed to have auditioned for the Miss Mapungubwe Beauty Pageant as this is what I have always wanted.”

Kgomoesoana went on and said that she auditioned for the first time because she was at School and did not succeed but feels very happy to be doing this now because she feels that we the youth of the Province and the Country have neglected our culture and she has vowed to herself that she will start embracing it and want to encourage the youth to celebrate their culture and Mapungubwe is the best platform for her to do that.

She further went on to say that, “I feel very proud and feel that young girls such as myself must be very proud of their culture. She further went on to say,” that she feels it is a means of great motivation for her to stand in front of people and to enter bigger beauty pageants.”