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Hotspot Eradication Plan in Limpopo

By: Communication Team

Opening of mines in the province posed a serious challenge in fighting the spread of Covid-19 pandemic especially in the area of Tubatse Municipality in Sekhukhune District. Tubatse is becoming a hotspot for Coronavirus in Limpopo Province.

“The number of cases in Limpopo Province has dramatically increased to 134 due to the opening of the mines, “said Mathabatha

Mathabatha said prior to the resumption of the mines operation, the government has met with Mine Unions and had a discussion around reopening plans. During the meeting, the Unions has requested mines to quarantine everybody including mine workers who are from other provinces.

Premier Stan Mathabatha said the decision to allow mines to resume operation was not wrong is just other mines decided not to comply with covid-19 risk management act and guaranteed that all staff are screened and quarantined.

He reiterated that mines who undermines the risk management act regulations will be closed.

“The province has recently launched Covid-19 Surge Plan that will assist government to provide access of health services to about 1, 6 households in the province. These community health plan consist of professional health workers. The community health plan will not only focus on Covid-19 testing but also TB, HIV,Aids,Malaria and all other prevalence diseases, “said Mathabatha.

The plan is anchored on a community base approach which will entails targeted hotspots screening and testing. The province will be deploying 10 000 Community Health Care Workers across the province each assigned to 160 household to do screening, 1000 professionals nurses each assigned to 10 Community Health Care Workers to do testing of different ailments and 100 General Practitioners each assigned with 10 nurses to provide treatment of different ailments that could have been detected.

The province has managed to screen during the phase one household’s campaign, more than 3,5million people and test more than 4000 individuals.