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Funds injection to the Premier Bursary Trust Fund

By: Emmaculate Cindi

Access to education is a fundamental right entrenched in our constitution. The development of young people through education is paramount as it prepares them to be meaningful players in the South African economic and political sphere.

To give access to such a fundamental right , Sunshine Tour in partnership with the Limpopo Tourism Agency (LTA) donated two hundred thousand rands to the Limpopo Premier’s Bursary Trust fund to assist young people in the province to further their education.

LTA chairperson Mr Andrew Dipela made a commitment that a donation of two hundred thousand rands will be increased two fold over  the three years that the entity is in partnership with Sunshine Tour.

The Trust Fund depends entirely on donations and the two hundred thousand donated will assist about four students to further their studies at TVET colleges and universities.  It is estimated that one student costs between forty to sixty thousand rands annually.

This donation comes as a relief as most students  come from poor backgrounds where they are dependent on social grants. Most of them never get to realise their dreams of studying further at tertiary level so that they can change the lives of their families.

The next three years, the partnership between Limpopo Champions, LTA and Sunshine Tour with their golf tournaments will benefit the Premier’s Bursary Trust Fund to carry out its mandate of educating the nation.

“This donation will bring hope and confidence to the families of deserving students  as it will increase the learner intake of the 2021 academic year. Through education, we are able to shape the lives of young people to future leaders who will develop the country and its people” Gloria  Khumalo Trust Chaiperson