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Deputy Minister launches DDM in Sekhukhune

By: Andzani Hlongwane

On the 20th of November 2020 the Deputy Minister in the Presidency Ms. Thembi Siweya launched the much anticipated District Development Model in the Sekhukhuni District at the Tubastse Chrome Center that will bring much needed Infrastructure and Development.

The District although very rich in mineral wealth is still severely underdeveloped and Government is investing in projects to change its postion. The launch was the lobbing of support from different sectors of Society about the Social Infrastructure investment that the Government will be undertaking through the ear-marked District Development Model that will unlock growth in Sekhukhuni.

The launch kicked off with a huge capital investment of R72 Million donated by Minining Companies that are operating in the area, this was discussed when a walkabout in the vicinity was carried out. Deputy Minister in the Presidency Ms. Thembi Siweya told, the officials at RAL during the walkabout “it is great that they had a briefing this week but they must have deadlines for the project as the project advances and that they will be monitoring the Agency very closely so that the project will be completed.”

This injection of funds will replace the now dilapidated worn out Malekana Steel Bridge that is more than a 100 years old and has reached it’s road usage life, constructing the Bridge will bring about much needed jobs for the youth within Sekhunekhune that will be the catalyst for growth. The already worn-out bridge will be preserved as a pedestrian crossing point.

Different Stakeholders such as Roads Agency Limpopo RAL, the National Department of Mining, Minerals and Energy, Traditional Leaders, Glencore South Africa and various Minining Houses, Sekhunekhuni District Municipality and Fetakgomo Tubatse Municipality in the realisation of the Model has 1 plan under 1 budget involving every sector of Society within the District.

Siweya encouraged GlenCore South Africa and Mining Houses to be actively involved in the project as it progresses further not only with money they have already donated but with ideas and expertises. She stressed the importance of stakeholders to spare the resources of Government as much as they can as the bridge is being built.