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Working in silo the thing of the past for the Provincial Government

By: Andzani Hlongwane

On the 23rd of April 2021 the Limpopo Provincial Government, Fetakgomo –Tubatse Municipality and Sekhukhune District Municipality officially launched the District Development Model (DDM).

The Premier of the Province Stanley Chupu Mathabatha said,” It  is a one district, one budget and one plan development approach that will bring much needed service delivery to the people of Limpopo in each District under the ambit of Kwauleza that has been initiated by President Cyril Ramaphosa.” “Kwauleza is about cutting the red tape but ensuring that services are taken to the people faster and quicker,” Mathabatha said. He stressed the importance of District Municipalities co-ordinating with Local Municipalities and so coming up with innovative ways of bringing much awaited and anticipated services to the people of the Province by partnering with different stakeholders like Civic Society, Organisations, Companies and the Private Sector which has been encouraged by the State President Ramaphosa.

“The sole purpose of DDM is to involve ordinary people in the development of their community and so have  them owning it but more importantly them being change agents with in the Model,” Mathabatha said. He emphasised that DDM is Government doing things with and for the people of Different Districts with in the Province more importantly ensuring that Provincial, District and Local Government spheres avoid working in silos but in a well co-ordinated and consented approach in bringing about Service Delivery to the people. Premier Mathabatha said,” the concept of DDM will be rolled out from the District Municipality and Metropolitan areas across the country and puts the District Municipality, more importantly Local municipalities at the center of the needs of the area that they service and so taking in to consideration the advantages and disadvantages that each and every District provides for development.”

He gave an example of the Sekhukhune District saying, “If the Municipality wants to develop the area, It must take into account that it is a mineral rich District with a lot of mines and so the skills that the local Sekhukhune TVET College provides must be aligned to Minining,Hospitality and Tourism that are found in the District so that young people can take advantage of the opportunities provided academically by studying courses like Boiler making, Artisanship, Food Catering, Tourism & Hospitality and so meet the economic requirements of the needs of the Sekhukhune Economy.  Mathabatha stressed that this will lead to beneficiation of the minerals being mined and the same youth thriving within the District. He explained and said,” The youth must have qualifications that meet the relevant needs of the District but if not they must be willing to reskill themselves in a skill that will meet and address the Service Delivery issues of the Municipal area in the District. Mathabatha pointed out and said, “Good governance inspires the people and also encourages Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) elaborating that, no investor will want to invest in a Municipality that is poorly managed financially. He concluded by inviting Traditional Leaders, Civil Society, Business Forums and the Youth Organisations in attendance and the people of Limpopo to receive the concept of  DDM because it’s the Province’s cause to bring Services to the people.