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TTM is home

By: Andzani Hlongwane

On the 13th of May 2021 the Limpopo Provincial Government held a home welcoming banquet ceremony at Meropa Casino on the outskirts of Polokwane, for the Official Champions of the 2021 Nedbank Cup who are Tshakhuma TshaMazivhandila Football Club affectionately known as TTM.

The Limpopo born, bred and owned team performed superbly coming out as the top winners of the National Cup Competition. TTM defied every set back imaginable and rose to the glory of the Cup defeating Chippa United in a 1-0 victory in the Nedbank Cup Final in the Free State on the 8th of May 2021 clenching the R7 million in prize money that was up for grabs.

Chairperson of the Club Mr. Abram Sello took to the podium in excellent style, firstly thanking God for this special day more importantly giving credit to the collective effort of the team and management of TTM that ensured victory of the Cup. He touched on the complexity of the Football game, that everybody is involved, has a say and owns it. The Chairperson candidly spoke about the calculated risk he took, when he purchased the Club whilst it had been moved to regulation stage. Saying, “What people do not know? Is I have been following the team for a very long time and was accustomed to the quality of players the team has, hence you see the winning of the Trophy today”. He thanked the supporters of Limpopo for their unwearing support to the team.

MEC of Sport, Arts & Culture Ms. Thandie Moraka payed homage to the entire TTM Management and Team calling them the warriors of Limpopo, asking the people in attendance and of Limpopo to give them a standing ovation for waving the Limpopo Pride Proud high. Further saying, “The success of these two teams mentioning TTM and Boroka FC will serve has encouragement to other teams in the Province that such is doable, achievable and possible. Moraka thanked the whole entirety of the TTM stakeholders for honouring the invitation to the banquet but more importantly passionately thanking them for bringing back the 2021 Nedbank Cup back to the Province.

She went on further, saluting the players of TTM saying,” thank you for putting the Province high in the Sports, Arts & Culture Map”.

MEC Moraka strongly said, “As a Province we always tell our athletes to strive for excellence hence here we are today where, we are celebrating such an achievement where TTM has made us proud in this regard.

Moraka concluded and said, “the hosting of the banquet by the Provincial Government was a gift given to the team on behalf of the Premier of Limpopo Stanley Chupu Mathabatha has a token of appreciation and a little gesture to the whole entire team of TTM to say as rural as we are we are really proud of your achievement.”