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Office of the Premier host Gala dinner with clusters to raise funds for Premier Bursary Trust Fund

By Baloyi Lucky

After the State of Province Address (SoPA), Limpopo province was a hive of industry as the Premier Stan Chupu Mathabatha addressed the external stakeholders convened at Bolivia Lodge for the gala dinner on the 26th June 2014.

The rationale behind the conception of the event was to raise funds for the Premier Bursary Trust Fund to assist the deserving, needy and underprivileged students.

The Limpopo Premier Trust Fund has been the benefactor of disadvantaged students since 2002 and has significantly changed lives. The Premier views education as one of the remedial measurements to curb societal problems which had adversely affected the society. “If we invest in education, we cannot go wrong. We will not have social problems such as crime and other ailments that affect our youth. These type of socio-economic problems could only be minimised by education” said Mr. Mathabatha.

The Premier also equated education to a candle light brought in a darkened room and brings light to everyone in that room. He further mentioned that the bursary trust ought to change lives and should put Limpopo economy on a higher trajectory of growth by producing students with indispensable skills. “The Trust funds should sponsor the type of education that is relevant to our economy. If our economy is mining or agricultural-driven, the bursary fund should sponsor students in that respect”, said Mathabatha.

People were asked to help the impoverished students with necessary resources to better the province of Limpopo. Everyone who was passionate to help with regard to money, pledged to support education.