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Arts and culture is a unifying factor-Premier Mathabatha

Maanda Mulaudzi

The Department of Sport, Arts and Culture recently hosted the Limpopo Arts and Culture Indaba. The event took place from 04 to 05 September 2014 at MJ Gateway Lodge, Polokwane Municipality, Capricorn District. The primary objective of the Indaba was to conduct diagnostic analysis of the status quo of arts and culture in the Province.

In his opening remarks Premier Chupu Mathabatha encouraged the participants to engage in robust deliberations. The Premier called upon delegates to ensure that the indaba would produces achievable and implementable programmes that would also highlight the targets.

Mathabatha said that arts and culture was a unifying factor as it brings together people of different cultures and also promotes social cohesion. He further praised and appreciated the contribution made by artists during the apartheid era though their creative arts.

Premier Mathabatha further emphasized that government  should support artists and entertainment industry as this would nurture and retain the home brewed talents. He further said that Limpopo was the home of renowned revered and most celebrated artists such as Jonas Gwangwa, Selaelo Selota, Seputla Sibogodi, Pat Shai, Florence Masebe, and many more.