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Limpopo Provincial departments audit outcomes 2013/2014

The Province has failed to achieve the “Clean Audit 2014” target, but some improvements have been recorded during 2013/14 as outlined below.


Limpopo Departments have recorded a small regression in the number of Votes that received unqualified audit opinions, from 7 to 6 in 2012/13 to 2013/14 respectively. In 2013/14 the Province recorded only one “Clean Audit”, in the Department of Co-Operative Governance Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs (CoGHSTA). It is however worth noting that three other Departments that obtained unqualified audit reports for 2013/14 were sited with a minor number of no compliance matters, they been Office of the Premier, Provincial Treasury and Safety, Security and Liaison. On the whole, for 2013/14 the provincial departments audit outcomes were as follows; 1 Clean, 5 Unqualified, 6 Qualified and 1 Disclaimed.

During the current year the Province did record improvements in the audit outcomes of three departments. The improvement in the audit outcome of the Department of Health and Public Works both from Disclaimed opinions to Qualified is commendable and it is trusted that these improvements will continue during the current year to unqualified. The other improvement was in the Department of CoGHSTA from an Unqualified to Clean Audit.

Unfortunately the Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism was the only department to record a regression in audit opinion from unqualified to qualified due to movable assets between the Department and the Limpopo Tourism Agency. Of major concern in the province is the continued disclaimer in the Department of Education, which has been disclaimed for three consecutive years and the 6 qualified opinions of which three have remained qualified from 2012/13, namely Departments of Agriculture, Social Development and Sport, Arts and Culture. It has been noted that movable assets remains the Achilles heel in the province. The Provincial Treasury has commissioned a movable assets scanning project that we trust will address this perennial problem and assist these departments to progress to an unqualified opinion in 2014/15.

For the 5 public entities in the province, an improvement has been recorded in the Limpopo Economic Development Agency (LEDA) from qualified reports over the last three financial years to unqualified in 2013/14. This is a noteworthy improvement and must be sustained and improved to Clean. The Limpopo Gambling Board (LGB) has maintained its unqualified audit report, but also needs to strive to a clean status in 2014/15. It is also worth noting that the Limpopo Tourism Agency (LTA) has progressed to a qualified audit opinion in 2013/14 from the previous, 5 consecutive years, of disclaimed opinions. The regression in the audit opinion of the Gateway Airport Authority Limited (GAAL) from qualified to disclaimed is concerning to the province and decisive interventions will be need to correct this situation in the public entity. The report for the Roads Agency Limpopo (RAL) has not yet been finalized.