Welcome to Limpopo PEGAC

The Premier's Employment Growth Advisory Council (PEGAC) is a non-statutory body, established in 2010 to primarily advise the Limpopo Provincial Government on the implementation of the provincial blue-print, namely, Limpopo Employment Growth and Development Plan (LEGDP) and later the Limpopo Development Plan (LDP).

In the year 2019, it was renamed the Premier's Economic Growth Advisory Council (PEGAC) equipped with a fresh mandate to advance provincial economic growth and development, through provision of technical and strategic advice to the Limpopo Provincial Government on the implementation of the key pillars of the Limpopo Development Plan. The Council is composed of 30 members (advisors), who are appointed by the Premier for a period of 5 years. PEGAC members are drawn from a range of thought leaders in government and private sector as well as labour, academics and civil society. The Council members serve as respected think-tanks and independent advisors in their respective specialized fields. The Council is chaired by the Premier.

The Council is supported by six Technical Working Groups (TWGs), namely, Tourism and Agricultural Development; Development Finance, Trade and Investment; Industrial and Enterprise Development; Integrated Infrastructure Development, ICT and Knowledge Enabled Economy; and Nation Building and Social Cohesion. Each TWG focusses on key focus areas, critical in the implementation of the LDP. The Council and its TWGs are aligned and linked to the Executive Council and its cluster committees.