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Older person’s plead with government to increase their social grant

The first day of October is set aside to celebrate older persons for their indigenous knowledge and tradition that continue to be passed from generation to generation and forms part of the teachings in communitie.

This year’s celebration was held at Mahlatjane Community hall in Mafefe within the Lepelle Nkumpi municipality.

It has been a tradition that older people are more preferred care givers to their grandchildren when their parents become migrants in other provinces in pursue for employment. While all that happens, grandparents are left with the responsibility of ensuring that their grandchildren are feed, clothed and taken to school.

Even though most of the children receive the child support grants from government, it is not enough added together with the R2 000 that the older people get to survive.

This is the reason that during their acknowledgement and celebration, they requested that government look into increasing their grant to R3 000 because they too feel the inflation that the country experience.

A 70 year old Boshiale Mola who cares for 4 grandchildren said that they are grateful that the government can come and celebrate their existence as older people, because they are accused of witchcraft because they suffer from dementia which results in them going to other households at any time of the day including night without properly being dressed believing that they are in their homes. She requested that more awareness must be raised in villages about their medical conditions instead of being accused of evil things and being killed.

Recently older persons have been victims of abuse and murder by their close families for their social grants money, and speaking on behalf of the Premier MEC for Social Development Ms Nandi Ndalane said government will not allow such abuse and murders to continue under their watch.

“Every elder is our treasure, they have wisdom and are most important members of the communities we leave in, We are working very close with police and community policing forums to ensure their safety, and these murders will not do as they please” said the MEC

There has been recognition in government institutions to cater for older persons, they are not allowed to que but instead receive preferred treatment because of their age. This has been evident in sectors such as Health and Home Affairs.

By: Emmaculate Cindi

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