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Batho Pele Principles

Limpopo Celebrate Public Service Month

The month of September is ear marked to celebrate Public Service Month country wide. Public Service Month (PSM) is an entranced annual programme aimed at celebrating, recognising public servants and their contribution to the lives of ordinary people by putting people first in provision of services at all times.


This year, 2014 PSM celebrations are more significant as they take place immediately after the democratic election and that it’s a beginning of a critical period for the 5th administration in Republic of South Africa. They serve as a precursor for the second National Batho Pele Excellence Awards which will take place at the end of 2014. As a province we are confident that Limpopo with be represented in this prestigious awards.

The PSM will also focus on the promotion and implementation of the service delivery Charter which was adopted in 2013. The theme for the PSM is Reinventing the way Public Servants Work: Batho Pele “Putting People First”.

As part of the Public Service Month there will be engagements with frontline public servants, unannounced visits, Khaedu deployment of senior managers to frontline service delivery sites in the Province. PSM is an initiative of the Department of Public Service and Administration, that seeks to instil and rebuild good ethics, morale and pride in public servants; it also puts emphasis on improving the way public servants work in their quest to deliver quality services to citizens. As part of the Public Service Month, public servants are expected to do the followings:

Roll up their sleeves and spring clean their service delivery points;

Visit schools, hospitals, police stations and courts, talk to citizens, mediate the delivery of services and getting things done;

Unblock the bottlenecks and red-tape in the delivery of services;

Ensure the systems and infrastructure are working and use public resources efficiently to the benefit of the citizens; and

Recommit themselves to belong, to care and to serve the people.

The programme for the Public Service Month is envisaged to attract diverse stakeholders across the public service which includes Executive Authorities, selected Chapter Nine and Ten Bodies, public servants, academia, private sector, business, labour, NGOs, CBOs, communities and media.