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TB is curable, says Health MEC

By: Maano Nekhavhambe

In the build up to an upcoming World TB Day commemoration, MEC for Health Dr Phophi Ramathuba has urged residents in the province to unite in an attempt to eradicate the widespread disease by going for screening, at local clinics and hospitals, before commencing with a six month treatment period.

World TB Day is commemorated each year on March 24th and aims to build public awareness for Tuberculosis. Limpopo Province will also join the world in commemorating the annual event at Makonde Sports Ground in the Vhembe District on Friday.


In a Provincial TB Dialogue workshop held at Modimolle’s newly built MDR Hospital last week, Dr Ramathuba said that despite the virus remaining as a destructive epidemic around the globe, it is curable.

“I think it’s important for patients to follow their treatments to the end without stopping. I say this because TB is curable as I have been indicating. Dr Ramathuba insisted

“But we can’t cure something we don’t know. So something that we have a cure for like TB is what we encourage everybody to get screened; especially those who are at risk and vulnerable, those infected with HIV, elderly people who are diabetic.

“And those who works in the mining area as well. After screening them we can then start with the treatment for six months if it gets to that point.”

Dr Ramathuba also stressed out the fact that TB patients’ fails to achieve a full recovery due to their lack of knowledge regarding the treatment procedures. Heading forward the MEC said it would be significant for Medical Doctors to educate their patients about the completion of the treatment to ensure a full recovery.

“It is also important to talk about the completion of treatments. Because what kills our patients is that they don’t want to complete their treatments.” Stressed Dr Ramathuba

“Once they start feeling better or being told that they are looking much better; they always conclude that they are cured and stops taking the medications. That’s not true at all.

“You can only stop taking your medications once the Doctors tell you to do so. No any other person besides the Doctor must stop you from taking medications.”